A docked cable laying ship needed maintenance on 2 tank areas that their cables rested when not in use.


The rain troughs at this historic bridge had never been maintained or cleaned, causing substantial sediment/debris build up which could eventually cause puddling issues on the surface.

Orlando Products

Waterjet cutting machines have catch tanks designed to capture debris and various other particles during the cutting process.

Caton’s Plumbing & Heating

This restaurant was forced to shutdown due to a pipe refusing to drain.


Due to pressure from debris clogged in the return line, the pipe ruptured, releasing 150 gallons of diesel from the backup generator into the maintenance closet.

HOA in Arlington Virginia

This Home Owner’s Association in Arlington, VA noticed that their parking lot was collecting a substantial amount of water on the surface and not draining properly.

Carroll Motor Fuels

Our client conducted tank top upgrades at a facility in Baltimore, Maryland. After the tanks were exposed, there was a risk of floatation with the upcoming rain.


Due to a tanker spill at a service station in Jessup, MD, there was over 700+ gallons of diesel lost in the parking lot.


This pond rehabilitation was a result of a 700+ gallon tanker spill in a parking lot located in Jessup, MD.

Azola, Inc.

This area of the zoo, that hadn’t been accessible to the public for over 30+ years, was undergoing a complete renovation for its reopening in 2022.

Allan Myers

Our client was decommissioning four aboveground storage tanks (AST) in Virginia. The 20,000 gallon, two 6,000 gallons and 2,000 tanks required confined space entry to clean prior to removal.

Southway Builders

Our client faced the challenge of removing 30 tons of #57 stone from a historic building.