Hydro excavation isn’t a term everyone is familiar with, but it’s vital to several processes including construction and sewer maintenance. It’s the process of moving or removing soil or other “soft” ground with highly pressurized water.

If you’re installing underground utilities or structures or require soil removal for maintenance purposes, hydro excavation is a versatile option with several applications.

  • Laying lines
  • Digging holes for the installation of utilities or entire structures
  • Sign and pole installation
  • Landscaping
  • Sewer rehabilitation

In addition to its efficiency, hydro excavation has more convenient benefits than traditional excavation. These include better safety, reduces risk of damage, and efficiency.

  • Lower risk of damaging existing nearby pipes, lines, and structures
  • Does not disturb the surrounding soil that is not meant for removal
  • Much safer for the workers performing the excavation
  • Safer for nearby pedestrians and traffic
  • Provides for a more accurate dig
  • Saves money by reducing insurance and liability expenses and damage to the surrounding terrain and structures

We use the most up-to-date equipment that enables us to meet the needs of hydro excavation with little to no error. We are equipped with multiple pieces of equipment so we can perform our tasks quickly and efficiently. Your project is completed on time and area interruptions are kept to a minimum.

If you have a need for any hydro excavation services, we’re trained and equipped to handle it, no matter the scope.

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