Marine transfer operations are conducted at many ports between tanker ships, barges, and marine terminals. Specifically, once the marine vessel is secure at the dock a loading arm or transfer hose is connected between a valve header on the dock and the manifold header on the vessel.

Transfer operations are highly regulated with consideration of the environment with potential of water pollution occurring if chemicals are released into the water during the transfer. ACE personnel are trained to observe all Federal, state, and local regulations during marine transfer operations. Additionally, ACE personnel are specially trained with required credentials and licensing to complete these activities including the proper insurance for these operations. The US Coast Guard has issued a Marine Transfer License for the Port of Baltimore.

ACE offers ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore liquid transfer utilizing vacuum trucks, tankers, hand pumps and tools. ACE also provides tank cleaning on-board docked vessels. We implement communication systems to coordinate ship to shore communication. Ensuring proper communications including venting speaks to our commitment to safety. Our marine transfer trailer contains specialized marine transfer hoses and signs as required for these operations.

US Navy & Coast Guard Vessel / Ship Cleaning Services

ACE has been working with both the US Navy and the US Coast Guard conducting a variety of vessel and ship cleaning services.

Barge Tank Cleaning Clean-Up

ACE has been conducting barge cleaning services for a local facility based in Sparrows Point for multiple years.

Tug Boat and Barge Cleaning

ACE has been cleaning engine room bilges and fuel tanks to gas-free conditions.


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