Our client was decommissioning four aboveground storage tanks (AST) in Virginia. The 20,000 gallon, two 6,000 gallons and 2,000 tanks required confined space entry to clean prior to removal. In order to safely access the AST’s, the surrounding dike area needed to be pumped out. This project required proper coordination to prevent any interruption in service at their facility.

How We ACE’d It

ACE utilized our high-powered vacuum truck to pump out the dike area surrounding the four AST’s. After the dike area was pumped out, we cut open access areas into the four tanks. This provided our confined space entry team access, so our pressure washer could clean the tank interior, while our high-powered vacuum truck sucked out a combination of liquid and sludge from the tank. Once cleaned, we utilized a crane to remove each tank and transport for proper disposal. The entire process took 5 days, and provided zero interruption to our clients operations.