The rain troughs at this historic bridge had never been maintained or cleaned, causing substantial sediment/debris build up which could eventually cause puddling issues on the surface. The biggest challenges were that the bridge was unable to be shut down for night work, and line jetting was not allowed, due to fear of spraying water upwards and obstructing traffic visibility. Additionally, there was only one access point per 130 LF of rain troughs at 4 separate locations and required ACE to operate a snooper truck over the side and under the bridge to properly access.

How We ACE’d It

The ACE Team utilized a variety of dolly and pully systems to effectively extract the sediment/debris build up in the rain troughs. The ACE Solution:

  1. Transport 10’ hard pipe section from bridge to snooper bucket.
  2. Place in rain trough.
  3. Connect to Vacuum Truck.
  4. Push in hard pipe section 8’.
  5. Unhook Vacuum hose and repeat this process 13 times to complete one section.