A docked cable laying ship needed maintenance on 2 tank areas that their cables rested when not in use. These tanks had accumulated substantial buildup on the walls of the tank and center spool from these cables, preventing the ship maintenance crew from repainting the interior. Additionally, these tanks were in the heart of the ship, creating logistical challenges on running proper equipment & materials to this area for proper cleaning.

How We ACE’d It

The ACE Team coordinated with the client on various access points to run hose, scaffolding and pressure washers to the tank areas. While getting these vital items in place, our high-powered AirMover (Vactor) was placed nearby and connected to the extraction hose. The interior team power-washed, scrubbed and maneuvered the accumulated material towards the hose for vacuum extraction. The team originally projected a 2-week duration, but upon mobilization reduced this projection to only 5-days, so the ship could continue its voyage ahead of schedule.