Our client faced the challenge of removing 30 tons of #57 stone from a historic building. Their initial goal was to utilize labor and wheelbarrows, but quickly realized the cost, scheduling and intensity of this task was not safe, feasible or efficient. The stone was located in the basement, with limited access only available in an alleyway off North Avenue. The traffic control, heavy material, safety and coordination were additional concerns as there were multiple trades working in the area simultaneously.

How We ACE’d It

With proper strategizing and coordination, the ACE team conducted brief traffic control measures to allow proper set up in the alleyway adjacent to the historic building. We identified an access point through an old basement window that would allow us to run our ADS hose down to the basement. After a tailgate safety meeting with the contractors working in the area, ACE attached a broom to the end of the hose, to allow for better maneuverability and manipulation of the #57 stone. This allowed the stone to be moved safely, while our Vacuum Truck sucked up the material through the hose into our tank. ACE was able to complete the job in less than 3 days.