When elemental mercury is spilled, it forms beads or droplets that can accumulate in the smallest of places. These beads or droplets can emit dangerous vapors that are odorless & colorless in air. It is this vapor that poses a serious hazard to anyone within close proximity to a mercury spill or release.

Once all individuals have evacuated an area of mercury release, re-entry should not be permitted without appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and personnel training. ACE has the properly trained personnel (OSHA 40 Hour, General Site Worker), the approved mercury-specific vacuum in good working order and properly maintained, the proper personnel protective equipment and the proper tools to maintain and clean the spill area.

ACE has the properly trained personnel and equipment to conduct:

  • Mercury Removal from Hard Surfaces – Concrete, tile, porcelain, metal, plastic (Excluding Wood)
  • Mercury Removal from Carpeted Surfaces and Wood Floors
  • Mercury Removal from Impacted Furnishings and/or Clothing
  • Mercury Removal in Plumbing
  • Mercury Removal from Soils

ACE can also provide air sampling equipment including mercury vapor analyzers to clear the area once clean-up activities have been completed. In addition, collected of confirmatory samples for laboratory analysis can be collected.