Embracing Hydro Excavation Services for Eco-Friendly Environmental Cleanup

ACE Environmental hydro excavation truck

When an environmental disaster strikes, whether that’s a chemical spill or a large-scale oil leak, the aftermath can be devastating, and it demands an immediate, urgent, and effective cleanup. However, traditional methods can come with their own environmental risks and challenges. Thankfully ACE Environmental’s hydro excavation services are efficient and eco-friendly. This may be the solution you’re looking for. 

As we take into account the many advantages, it’s easy to see how the benefits assist us as we continue safeguarding our planet, creating a cleaner, greener future. After all, the Earth is our home, and therefore we need to protect and nurture it. Contact ACE Environmental today to discover how we can assist you in contributing to a brighter tomorrow.

What Is Hydro Excavation?

This is a way to dig up the contaminated and damaged soil without further damaging the environment. This method uses pressurized water and a powerful vacuum system to excavate soil and debris. Unlike traditional methods relying on heavy-duty machinery and manual labor, this causes very little environmental disturbances while maximizing efficiency. It’s the perfect choice for a wide variety of cleanup situations including:

  • Contaminated Soil Remediation: One of its main applications is in the remediation of soil that’s been contaminated. No matter the cause of the contamination, these situations can seriously threaten the environment. Hydro excavation offers a safe and efficient way to remove contaminated soil without further damaging the surrounding ecosystem. By precisely targeting the affected areas, the spread of contaminants can be minimized so that cleanup and restoration efforts are safer. 
  • Fast Spill Response and Cleanup: After a chemical or an oil spill, a rapid response is needed to halt any further environmental contamination. Hydro excavation offers responders a quick way to contain and remove hazardous materials before they have a chance to cause any more damage. 
  • Underground Storage Tank Removal: These tanks may contain harmful substances such as petroleum products which include gasoline, diesel, and heating oil, possibly along with other hazardous substances and chemicals, solvents, and waste oils. Other contents that are commonly kept here may include ethanol, biodiesel, and other fuels. Unfortunately, these can all leak their hazardous materials into the soil and groundwater. Therefore, they’re a common source of environmental contamination. Traditional tank removal can be risky and can even cause further environmental damage. Hydro excavation on the other hand offers a safer and more precise way to carefully excavate and remove the tanks without disturbing the soil. 
  • Pipeline Maintenance: Unless they’re properly maintained, underground pipelines that are needed for moving oil, gas, and other materials can harm the environment. This method can safely bring underground pipelines above ground to be inspected and repaired as needed. This allows issues to be found and quickly addressed before they’ve had time to worsen.
  • Wetland Restoration: Wetlands, as their name suggests, are lands that are permanently or seasonally covered by water. They’re also ecosystems that give many different plants and animals a natural habitat. However, they’re highly susceptible to environmental damage. If they become contaminated, water can be used to carefully remove sediment and debris from wetland areas. This promotes biodiversity and allows sensitive wetland areas to recover and continue thriving.
  • Construction Site Cleanup: Construction projects often leave behind a big mess in their wake, creating a lot of debris and leaving materials that may pose a risk to the environment if they’re not properly handled. Hydro excavation also offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for cleaning them up.

Benefits of Environmental Cleanup

While some environmental cleanup companies depend on more traditional methods, ACE Environmental offers hydro excavation services, providing a more complete range of safety benefits. These services reduce the risk of underground utility damage while minimizing the chances of harming the environment. With a rigid and controlled nature, they’re capable of extremely accurate digging, reducing the potential for costly mistakes or delays. Using water instead of mechanical digging equipment also eliminates the risk of sparks causing fires, making it a safer option for working in areas with flammable materials.


Environmental cleanup companies like ACE Environmental use trucks equipped with water tanks, high-powered pumps, and advanced vacuum systems for climate-friendly and effective solutions to challenging cleanup efforts. 

Unlike excavation methods with heavy-duty machinery and manual labor, using water reduces risks of underground utility damage and it also reduces the odds of accidents and injuries that could happen on the job.

The targeted and controlled nature of this method allows for more accurate digging, reducing the likelihood of expensive mistakes or delays. Water also eliminates the risk of sparks or fires, making it a safer option for those who work in areas with flammable materials.

This method’s versatility allows for a flawless integration with other remediation strategies. With a comprehensive approach to decontaminating sites and performing environmental cleanup efforts, these services help protect ecosystems, restore nature’s habitats, and promote sustainability from start to finish, throughout the entire process.