Your Guide to Hydro Excavation

hydo excavation truck at ace environmental

This guide to hydro excavation will help you understand the process and why it’s quickly establishing itself as the preferred choice for digging and moving dirt. It beats traditional digging techniques thanks to its speed, accuracy, safety, and flexibility, all at a lower cost with higher precision. Let’s dive deeper into the benefits and why ACE Environmental should be your partner for all your hydro excavation needs.

What is Hydro Excavation?

ACE’s HydroVac trucks utilize a high-pressure water stream to liquify and manipulate hard soil, rock, or frozen ground into a slurry, while simultaneously vacuuming it into a holding tank. This all-in-one method is more precise, safe, efficient and creates less soil disturbance around the site.

Benefits of Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is a versatile and highly accurate choice for nearly every kind of focused dig project. Here are just a few of its benefits:

  • Adaptability: It can be used on a wide variety of soils and applications. It even cuts through frozen ground by using hot water in colder months.
  • Accuracy: A smaller, more focused point of digging makes it far more accurate than traditional large machinery digs. This translates to less soil disturbance and more efficiency in your excavation.
  • Decreased Negative Neighborhood Impact & Increased Safety: Unlike traditional excavators or backhoes, HydroVac trucks can be parked hundreds of feet away from the worksite reducing traffic and congestion, allowing for a more safe work area.
  • Lower Cost and Faster Service: With an assortment of vacuum trucks and an MDE-Approved Disposal Facility, Baltimore City Wastewater Discharge Permit and Maryland Solidification Permit, ACE remains a very competitive resource throughout the Mid-Atlantic for all your hydro excavation needs. Our skilled personnel, complimented by high-powered equipment and a versatile facility, allow us to operate safer, quicker, more efficient at a more competitive cost.
  • Precision: Hydro excavation is a more precise digging method which means there’s less backfill, minimal soil disturbance and lower restoration costs.
  • Flexibility: Hydrovac services can be used for clearing stormwater drains, exposing utilitiesand for precise digs close to foundations or other difficult-to-access areas that require a more “surgical” approach.

When to Use Hydro Excavation

The process is ideal for a variety of situations such as: line digging and trenching, exposing foundations, removing contaminated soil, and debris removal. Additionally,  it’s a proven method to unearth underground utilities, often referred to as “daylighting.”

To see a recent example of how we performed Hydro Excavation, check out the case study and video recap of our Hagerstown, MD project that involved contaminated soil extraction from a recognized wetland area. The process required a delicate, surgical approach to remove the impacted soil with limited disturbance to existing vegetation. The anticipated duration of 30 days was substantially shortened to only a 12 day process, due to the highly-skilled ACE team!

Call the Pros for Your Hydro Excavation Needs

ACE Environmental provides professional hydro excavation services to a variety of industries. Every member of our team has extensive training and considers the unique needs of each project. We consistently provide our customers with the best service while following strict safety standards.

Are you looking for professional hydro excavation services? Contact ACE Environmental today and discover how we can help you safely and affordably complete your project.