Your Guide to Hydro Excavation

ace hydro excavation truck

Hydro excavation is quickly beating traditional digging techniques because of its accuracy, safety, and flexibility. Not only is hydro excavation safer than other options, but it is also faster and at a lower cost due to its precision.

This guide to hydro excavation will help you understand what the process is, and why it is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for digging and moving dirt.

What is Hydro Excavation?

Just like its name implies, hydro excavation, or hydrovac excavation, uses a combination of water and suction to excavate. ACE’s HydroVac trucks utilize high-pressure water jets to transform hard soil, rock or frozen ground into a slurry, while simultaneously vacuuming the slurry into a holding tank.

This all-in-one method is more precise, causing less soil disturbance around the site, resulting in less backfill.  Additionally, HydroVac trucks can be positioned hundreds of feet away and kept off the roadway, minimizing the congestion and traffic in the excavation area.

When is Hydro Excavation Used?

Hydrovac excavation is used in a variety of dirt moving or digging processes, including line digging and trenching, exposing foundations, and debris removal.  Additionally, Hydro Excavation is a proven method in revealing underground utilities, often referred to as “daylighting”. 

What are the Benefits of Hydro Excavation?

From increased accuracy to employee safety, hydro excavation is a great choice for nearly every kind of focused dig project. Here are just a few of the benefits of hydro excavation.

  • Lower Cost with Faster Service: Hydro excavation is a more precise digging method, resulting in less backfill and lower restoration costs. 
  • Safety: Unlike traditional excavators or backhoes, HydroVac trucks can be parked hundreds of feet away from the excavation area resulting in less congestion and traffic on the jobsite.  Additionally, it eliminates the risk of a worker inadvertently striking an underground utility causing damage. 
  • Adaptability: Hydrovac excavation can be used on a wide variety of soils and applications, and even cuts through frozen ground by using hot water in the colder months.
  • Accuracy: Hydro excavation is a smaller, more focused point of digging, making it far more accurate than traditional large machinery digs.
  • Flexibility: Hydrovac services can be used for cleaning and jetting projects, such as clearing stormwater drains, exposing utilities (daylighting), or more precise digs close to foundations or difficult to access areas. 

Need Hydro Excavation Services? Call the ACE Environmental Pros

ACE Environmental offers hydro excavation services to a variety of industries for all kinds of projects, like trenching or digging to expose underground utilities. Each member of our team receives extensive training and takes into account every unique, project circumstance to maintain the highest safety standards.

Need some excavation work? Contact ACE Environmental and find out why hydrovac excavation services are the safe, clean, affordable way to complete your project.