An Introduction to Gamajet Cleaning for Tanks

open storage tank lid with gamgajet cleaning hose

Imagine you have a giant tank filled with all sorts of substances—perhaps it’s storing gallons of gasoline, diesel, or industrial chemicals. Tanks can hold a limitless variety of substances, and if they aren’t cleaned properly, it can lead to contamination, inefficiencies, and even safety hazards. That’s where Gamajet cleaning technology comes into play. Let’s discuss […]

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GamaJet Tank Cleaning and Fuel Polishing Solutions

professional lifting tank lid for gamajet tank cleaning services

In an ever-evolving industrial landscape, companies face the ongoing challenge of maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. At ACE Environmental, we’re thrilled to introduce two groundbreaking solutions that will redefine how you approach these challenges: GamaJet Tank Cleaning and our state-of-the-art Fuel Filtering/Fuel Polishing services. In this blog, we’ll explore how […]

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The Heat is on: A Checklist for Inspecting your Oil Tank this Fall

ACE Environmental knows the importance of inspecting your oil tank, as a damaged tank can lead to an expensive environmental nightmare that can cost you….big time. The average oil tank has a life expectancy of about 20-25 years. After this timeframe, tanks begin to deteriorate and cause issues such as sludge formation, corrosion, rust and, […]

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Why Should You Hire a Professional for Tank Cleaning Services?

Aboveground and Underground Storage tanks (AST/UST) are a vital part of nearly every industry. This includes storage for fuel, oil, water, chemicals, and more. Regular cleaning services will extend the life of your tanks and equipment. Plus, depending on the contents of the tank, is required before using the container for a different storage purpose. […]

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Oil Spills in the Heating Season: Your Guide to Oil Tank Issues

Did you know most heating oil spills happen during the fall, right after the first oil tank refill? From delivery technicians unfamiliar with your tank to leaking connections and storage tanks, many people who rely on heating oil have their fingers crossed that the first fill-up goes as expected, without a hitch. What happens if […]

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