Why Should You Hire a Professional for Tank Cleaning Services?

oil tank truck pumping

Aboveground and Underground Storage tanks (AST/UST) are a vital part of nearly every industry. This includes storage for fuel, oil, water, chemicals, and more. Regular cleaning services will extend the life of your tanks and equipment. Plus, depending on the contents of the tank, is required before using the container for a different storage purpose.

OSHA, the EPA, and several other government agencies have specific guidelines for tank cleaning, inspection, and maintenance. Failure to comply with these regulations can mean fines and legal fees as well as a tarnished reputation for your company.

Tanks should be cleaned prior to a change of product, as part of the repair or decommissioning process, and before API inspections.

Why Hire a Professional Tank Cleaning Service Provider?

Tank cleaning can be hazardous for many reasons, and only a certified specialist can address these dangers.

Depending on the material stored in the container, toxicity and flammability are life-threatening concerns. Improper ventilation or a poorly maintained tank will add to these potential complications.

A professional tank cleaning service will have vacuum trucks to ensure all product is removed, and will safely dispose of the materials. They will create a plan to clean the container with as little disruption to your operation as possible, and they are also uniquely qualified to inspect the storage tanks before you refill and place back in service.

Professionals will ensure that the entire process is documented appropriately to keep you compliant with government agencies.

Cleaning and Removing an Underground Storage Tank

There are several reasons to decommission and remove your storage tanks, including leaks or other maintenance issues, upgrades, or no longer needing them as part of your operations.

Decommissioning involves draining and cleaning the tank thoroughly, as well as inspecting the surrounding area for signs of contamination before and after the process. It will be removed and disposed of in a safe manner, along with its contents.

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