ACE Environmental: Your Oil Spill Clean-Up Expert

As a leading environmental & oil spill clean-up contractor for the Baltimore-Washington Metro region, ACE Environmental is fully equipped to expertly manage oil spills to protect our clients and meet regulatory requirements. Available around-the-clock, 365 days a year, our Emergency Oil Spill Response Team will quickly dispatch the right personnel properly equipped with the tools, technology, and expertise to get the oil spill cleaned up right.

ACE has extensive experience with all types of commercial and residential oil spills, including roadway accidents, shoreline and stream impacts, storm water system impacts, leaking tanks, and more. Our environmental response specialists have completed a minimum of 40 hours of Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) training, in addition to rigorous hazardous materials technician, first aid, and specialist training. All personnel take part in ongoing education and refresher courses to stay current on all environmental safety issues.

Tanker Spills

When oil and other liquid releases related to tractor trailers (or oil tanker trucks) occur on Maryland’s roadways, including saddle tank ruptures, accidents, or leaking transports, ACE personnel are fully equipped to respond quickly and completely to clean up the impact and meet regulatory requirements. ACE can also provide drums, oil collection sorbents, container storage, and vacuum trucks to remove liquids.

Residential Heating Oil

From storage tank removal and replacement to large-scale spill cleanup requiring testing and mitigation, ACE is equipped to deal with residential heating oil impacts resulting from delivery spills and leaking storage tanks. In the process of addressing oil spills, ACE has:

  • installed and monitored oil-water separators to mitigate impacts to basement sump systems
  • removed oil impacted materials and debris, conducted soil excavation
  • treated soils to degrade residual impacts, scrubbed
  • degreased and treated oil impacted surfaces
  • installed vapor extraction fans to remove oil odors within homes
  • collected air, water and soil samples for analysis
  • conducted the proper disposal of waste and contaminated soil per State and local regulations

Stormwater System and Stream Impacts

ACE provides a full range of water system cleanup services related to oil spills and other liquid contaminants throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland, DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and parts of West Virginia. Whether from roadway accidents, sump discharge, or surface spills, our team has the knowledge and equipment to remove and remediate impacts to storm drain systems, sediment ponds, and streams. ACE deploys spill response crews equipped with sorbent materials, pressure washers, and vacuum extraction trucks to flush out and remove free product, and cleanup residual impacts. ACE has worked in conjunction with state and local emergency response teams (such as the Maryland Department of Environment and fire departments) to implement measures to contain, control, and remove, oil impacts for proper disposal.

Commercial Housekeeping and Cleanup

ACE provides services for facilities that store and manage waste oil and antifreeze, such as motor repair garages and car dealerships. We conduct storage tank and drum pump outs using our vacuum trucks and perform waste oil and fuel spill cleanups for impacted surfaces and trench drain systems. ACE will also remove old underground storage tanks and separator systems, aboveground storage tanks and car lifts for proper disposal to assist with refinancing requirements or sale of the property.

Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

ACE works for their clients to meet State and local regulatory directives and requirements for a spill cleanup. All cleanup activities including proper disposal and sampling documentation will be maintained for reporting of the spill cleanup to achieve a “no further action” determination from the regulatory authority. ACE conducts soil sampling, groundwater sampling, potable well sampling, and vapor samples to meet the applicable standards and requirements for your area.

From the most basic to the highly complex, ACE’s highly trained environmental response specialists are well equipped to handle a broad range of emergency response cleanup situations. We have the equipment, manpower, and experience to get the job done in the most timely and cost effective manner possible.