Hiring an Emergency Spill Response Team: What You Need to Know

oil spill
If you’re in the process of formulating an emergency spill response plan for your business, you already know that having a reliable, knowledgeable Emergency Spill Response Team in your corner is critical. Here’s a list of attributes that should be at the top of your list when evaluating a response team for your business:


The sooner a spill is handled, the less damage it can do. That’s why your first consideration should be finding a team that responds quickly to your needs. Hiring a company that responds to a hazardous spill sooner rather than later means you will get the prompt attention the situation demands.


Not all hazardous waste or emergency spills are created equal. Some are more dangerous than others. How much help you need is based on what type of spill you have. That said, no matter what kind of issue you have, the Emergency Spill Response Team you select should provide services that are appropriate for your needs. The most helpful choice of partner will be flexible enough to offer both short-term remediation and long-term assistance.


Hazardous materials have the potential to impact the environment severely, especially if they are not dealt with appropriately. The Emergency Spill Response Team should know where they can dispose of hazardous materials around your business before you have an incident. Knowing safe and appropriate disposal techniques will keep you, your business, the community, and the environment safer. Ask all the companies under consideration to outline their work process so you can gain a level of confidence in their skills, abilities, and experience.


The ability to deploy a crew swiftly to site is critical to an effective Emergency Spill Response Team’s performance. A partner who understands this, and will head out as quickly as possible to the spill site, will minimize the danger to people and property. Be sure that whomever you choose to assist you in potentially dangerous situations will always be ready to deploy quickly.

While you never want to have a spill occur, you need to be prepared just in case. When you choose an Emergency Spill Response team to assist your business that is responsive, fast, flexible, and knowledgeable, you can be confident that you have an effective partner in your corner.

Don’t risk your safety and health!